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Hunters + Gatherers: Sue Earl


This Thursday our H & G guest was Sue Earl. Me and Snow introduced her. Lahta ordered pizza for everyone!

Sue Earl is a new media designer, director, animator, writer, and illustrator.

She graduated from the AIM course of RMIT University in 1996. Her student film “Noelene Giblet” won an award at the Australian Effects and Animation festival in 1997.

From September 1998 to June 2007, Sue worked as a visual designer on a huge range of projects for Sensis, a leading Australian advertising, information and directories business. She worked within the online team responsible for all their major sites – Yellow Pages, White Pages, Whereis, Trading Post etc.

As a director, writer, animator, art director of Shannon Owen Films from February 2009 to July 2010, she wrote, directed and animated a Screen Australia fully funded project – a 15 minute animated film called Valmay the Visitor from Beep Beep Beep Bleetlebox 967. It’s a stand alone short film and also a pilot for a TV series.

Currently she is the principal of Studio Swirl, a new media creative studio offering original, sometimes surprising, solutions to the communication needs. She started the company on 2007. It covers a wide variety of work including: directing corporate and music videos, online animation – ads/info pieces, web design, illustration, script writing.

Last year Sue Earl participated in “Bodies for Motion” exhibition with the other four artists. This exhibition was a part of Drawing Out 2010 event, which was a creative collaboration between RMIT University and University of the Arts London.

Valmay the Visitor from Beep Beep Beep Bleetlebox 967 – Sue Earl


Hunters + Gatherers: Jeremy Parker


Jeremy Parker is our program director. I love the animations he showed us during his talk!

The Missing Key – Jeremy Parker & ?

Rain Town – Tete