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Monsieur Chocolat (3D Animation)


I studied BA (Hons) Digital Animation particularly 3D animation in the United Kingdom. ‘Monsieur Chocolat’ is a 3D animation I worked with a partner as part of my final year degree project. It went on ‘University of Hertfordshire Animation Exposé 2008’. The story is about a girl stumbles into a fantasy cakeland where she meets a handsome prince. Both of me and my partner like cute things, cakes, prince and princess story, so we created this little love story. We experienced the whole production process of 3D animation. During the process what I enjoyed the most must be character and environment designing, modelling and texturing. I also found my weakness were rigging, animating and time management. We had happy times when we were making this 3D animation although it was a long and rocky road. I still remember we actually bought a whole bunch of cakes in order to photograph the textures. It was fun!