Space + Environment (Project Brief)

Animation & Interactive Media RMIT

Concept Development

PROJECT BRIEF: Space + Environment

Space, Environment, Spatiality, Window, Infinite Canvas, Cyberspace, Landscape, Branching, Scrolling, Realistic, Virtual, Explore, Navigate, Discover


Space is one of the defining elements of digital media. Space and Environment are the very important medium of conveying the mood, establishing the style, revealing information and helping the storytelling in either linear or interactive works.


Create an interactive work of a space or environment. It can be a 3D digital environment which allows the viewer to explore around or a device of scrolling for the participant to navigate. Please be creative! Think about the ideal place you want to go, the weird scene in your dream or the wonderland you want to live. This space or environment can be any style that you like, interior or outdoor, realistic or surreal. Consider how the other elements such as color, sound and light convey the topics, themes or ideas. Consider aesthetics and behaviors appropriate to the medium.


The chosen media is up to you.

Interactive submissions will have varying formats/technologies, but if possible use 1280×720.

Submissions need to be submitted to the AIM server, clearly named and titled. Each project submission requires a completed RMIT submission form.

Submission Date: April 27th 2011


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