The Bride Room (Room Project)

I know this bride room is quite simple and empty but this was my first go with Unity. Unity is a game development tool. The project was about to create a realtime 3D room which included 2 sounds, 2 textures, an entrance and an exit in Unity. Snow and Hanjing helped me a lot. I haven’t figured out how to make nice lighting in Unity yet. I guess I should ask Jeremy about lighting again. Unity is not a pain. It’s just that I’m not familiar with it. I guess I have to keep learning. This is a rendered image of the bride room I did in 3ds Max. I was supposed to make the lighting like this in Unity but I don’t know how. Awww, and the wall can still be walked through after I added the Box Collider on it.

Project 2: Room Project
Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media)


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