911 Call (Character Animation)

I heard a funny dialogue on my colleague Snow’s blog. It was about a 4 years old boy calling 911 emergencies for help with his math homework. Then I decided to make a lip synch animation based on this dialogue in response to my third project of Concept Development. Animating is always my weakness so I’d like to take this chance to practice. I was very happy to give life and characteristic to this character through the lip synch animation. It was fun to guess and manipulate the character’s emotion, action and gesture.

Project 3: Agents + Behaviour
Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media)


2 Responses to “911 Call (Character Animation)”

  1. Simon Says:

    Hah! Hilarious. Even more so with the lip syncing…I think it looks good! If I’m allowed to comment, though…I think it looks best when you slow it down. When his mouth moves too quickly, it doesn’t look as good!

    Awesome stuff, though. Is this for a project?

    • Isis Says:

      Yeh! It’s for the Agents + Behaviour project!
      I agree with you! But it’s just so hard to get the animating right when he talks too fast!

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