Pixel Critters (Cutout Animation)

My first project of Collaborative Studio Practice was a cutout animation named ‘Pixel Critters’. I worked with Simon and Laura, so our team was called SLI! Each of us created a character. I did the caterpillar, Simon did the cockroach and Laura did the mouse. Then we animated together. I didn’t really know how to manipulate the frame-by-frame recording devices, I guess without Simon and Laura’s help I can’t finish my part. For this project we had to use straight-ahead and direct under-the-camera animation methods which meant we were not allowed for the editing and progressive refinement of a movement. I was very pleased to learn this kind of traditional animation techniques.

Project 1: Cutout Animation
Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media)


2 Responses to “Pixel Critters (Cutout Animation)”

  1. Simon G Braunstein Says:

    Aw. You are too kind, Isis. Your character’s motion was really great, and we couldn’t have done it without you. The computer program was just silly button-pushing. I had a good time working with you! Thanks for all your hard work.

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