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Pixel Critters (Cutout Animation)


My first project of Collaborative Studio Practice was a cutout animation named ‘Pixel Critters’. I worked with Simon and Laura, so our team was called SLI! Each of us created a character. I did the caterpillar, Simon did the cockroach and Laura did the mouse. Then we animated together. I didn’t really know how to manipulate the frame-by-frame recording devices, I guess without Simon and Laura’s help I can’t finish my part. For this project we had to use straight-ahead and direct under-the-camera animation methods which meant we were not allowed for the editing and progressive refinement of a movement. I was very pleased to learn this kind of traditional animation techniques.

Project 1: Cutout Animation
Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media)


Wishlist (200 Drawings)


I’ve started my master study in Australia and I have to practice English again. My first deadline was to produce 200 drawings in any style or technique in one week and they should be displayed as a sequence with soundtrack. The outcome was inspired by human desire. As we grow up our wishlists change. After my boyfriend heard about my idea, he said it seemed that I always wanted to make some kind of meaningful stuff which was not necessary. Anyway, I have to say this project was really a rush. I didn’t have enough time to achieve what I wanted to express. By the way, this was the first time I seriously used Wacom pen and touch to draw. It was a bit tough at the beginning but 10 minutes later I started to enjoy it.

Project 1: Play + Inspiration (200 Drawings)
Master of Creative Media (Animation & Interactive Media)

Monsieur Chocolat (3D Animation)


I studied BA (Hons) Digital Animation particularly 3D animation in the United Kingdom. ‘Monsieur Chocolat’ is a 3D animation I worked with a partner as part of my final year degree project. It went on ‘University of Hertfordshire Animation Exposé 2008’. The story is about a girl stumbles into a fantasy cakeland where she meets a handsome prince. Both of me and my partner like cute things, cakes, prince and princess story, so we created this little love story. We experienced the whole production process of 3D animation. During the process what I enjoyed the most must be character and environment designing, modelling and texturing. I also found my weakness were rigging, animating and time management. We had happy times when we were making this 3D animation although it was a long and rocky road. I still remember we actually bought a whole bunch of cakes in order to photograph the textures. It was fun!

Their Animation


This post is a collection of my favorite animation.

Adidas magik pink

La Maison en Petits Cubes